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    Diabetes Prevention & Reversal

    With our root cause focus, we treat simultaneously the symptoms as well as the underlying cause of diabetes, all naturally, with the help of safe and time tested, classical Ayurveda.

    Diabetes & AyurVAID

    AyurVAID Kalmatia’s treatment modality for preventing diabetes complication is treat the root cause of diabetes, so that the further manifestation of complication could be prevented; as the pathology for all complications involves the pathological constraints of diabetes itself.

    Therapies like Yapana Vasti (medicinal enema) and Dhāra (pouring of medicinal liquid in a particular fashion), detoxification procedures like Vamana &Virechana (procedural induction of vomiting and loose motion) to control the disease from the root. The internal medications and therapies are judiciously administered after assessing the diabetes mellitus patient’s individual clinical condition, and help prevent further progression into complications or postpone the onset of them. Along with these the proper Diet, exercise and yogic practices are made part of the treatment regimen to help counteract the disease from different angles.

    Netra tarpana for retinopathy changes (procedure of pouring medicated oil over closed eyes), abhyanga, lepa (application of medicated paste over body) and seka(pouring of medicated liquid over body) for neuropathy changes, and Yapana Vasti (medicinal enema) for nephropathy changes are employed.

    So a patient of diabetes mellitus undergoes above procedures at intervals so that he or she can lead a life free from complications of diabetes and also the complications. If manifested, treatment towards the same could bring satisfactory improvement in quality of life.

    Ayurveda considers Diabetes under the group of urinary disorders mentioned under Prameha. Madhu Meha is proximately correlated with Diabetes mellitus. Other types of Diabetes are designated as per the 19 other types of Prameha.

    Ayurveda attributes different diet (Ahara) and activities (Vihara) practices to the causation of prameha as below:

    • Sedentary lifestyle & excessive sleep
    • Excessive intake of sweet & sugar products
    • Regular consumption of aquatic, domestic animal’s meat & soup.
    • Regular habit of consumption of excessive milk preparation
    • Regular & excessive intake of alcohol – especially beer.
    • Foods which are sweet, sour, salt, fatty & not easily digestible.
    • Food, drinks & activities which produce & increase of medas (fat), mutra (urine) & kapha are generally the chief cause.

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    Samprapthi (Stages of Disease)

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    Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person