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    Gain Hair That Stay & Glow

    Who doesn’t want beautiful Hair – Hair that gives another dimension to beauty? Those smooth hair which prompts a question on the secret of your healthy hair… At AyurVAID Kalmatia (Almora, Kumaon, Uttarakhand) we unravel that secret on you and ensure your hair stay in place by preventing hair loss through time tested Ayurveda regimens and Panchakarma processes with the Himalayas as the witness.

    Hair is a by-product of bone tissue. A disturbance in the metabolism of these tissues causes fire in the digestive system. This in turn causes the degradation of the hair. People with excess Pitta must pay attention to their food habit and must avoid fried and spicy food and beverages like coffee and tea which contain caffeine. Regular intake of non-vegetarian food and alcohol also increase the problem. Besides unhealthy food habits, stress is another major cause of hair loss and other scalp problems.

    skinWe revitalize your hair (Hair Revitalization Program) by eradicating the root cause to the malady. This through control of unnecessary growth of Pitta through personified diet and lifestyle regime, therapies including herbal medicines and Yoga. HRP focuses on improving the digestion system, abating the constipation, detoxifying the body, reducing the stress and controlling the Pitta.

    Under the expert eyes and guidance of Ayurveda doctors (Vaidyas) who investigate different parameters of your body leading to loss of hair, personal care-givers of AyurVAID Kalmatia shall put you through a regimen of classical therapies, daily regimen and medicines treating the underlying causes for your hair loss. Participating in such a program in consultation and under the vigil of a Vaidya is crucial as he can prescribe effective medicines and therapies of right dosage that varies with age and intensity.

    Various Ayurveda therapies like Abhyangam, Thala Pothichil, Dhara and Nasya with the right medicinal combinations, and the correct head massage and hair cleansing with appropriate oils and herbal shampoos are at the centre of HPP.
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    Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person