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    Stress in its many forms is an inevitable reality today and takes its toll on almost all of us. Naturally, one’s quest for overall well-being is perennial. We need to revive, revitalise ourselves from time to time. At AyurVAID Kalmatia you can finally achieve just that, with ample assistance from nature: pure air, pure water, pure food, natural medicine, pure Ayurveda Panchakarma, pure Yoga, pure meditation, whilst immersing yourself in the purest, direct experience of the Himalayas. Your body resonates with a sense of well-being, vitality, cheer, connectedness with self and with nature.AyurVAID Kalmatia Revitalization Programs restore-enhance your vital & functional health parameters through short duration programs that make you younger and energetic, improves skin condition and glow, improves sleep quality, memory and concentration, clears the voice, improves the capacity and clarity of one’s sense organs. Weight reduction, handling mild-moderate digestive complaints, aches and pains of muscle-bone-joint, headaches, etc. The total wellbeing attained is not transient. It is sustained over time as your immunity is enhanced, improves your physical strength, brings calmness to the mind, and restores balance in the body.

    The program commences with a detailed consultation by our team of expert Ayurveda physicians who map your current functional health status. This program does not focus on disease reversal…yet, shall keep yourrevitalization medical condition in mind when the personalised, comprehensive revitalisation program is crafted. Starting with appropriate Purvakarmas (preliminary Ayurveda therapies), followed by light to moderate systemic cleansing through appropriate choice of Pradhanakarmas (main cleansing Ayurveda therapies) and Brumhanakarmas (nourishing, strengthening Ayurveda therapies) you are progressively led to your natural state of homeostasis and wellbeing. Mild corrections are addressed through our ‘Wellbeing Express‘ program lasting 3 nights-4 days. Moderate corrections shall take from 10 to 14 days. All programs conclude with a detailed debriefing and sharing of a personalised health plan that includes optimal diet-lifestyle regimen.
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    Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person