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    Seasons in Kumaon

    January (Winter -Shishir) Freezing Cold

    January is the coldest month of the year. The days are very cool and the nights are freezing.

    February (Winter -Shishir) Very Cold

    February is very cold.Woolen clothes are required for travels.

    March (Spring – Vasant) Moderately Cold

    March is moderately cold.

    April (Spring – Vasant) – Pleasant

    Pleasant April is ideal for outings in the hill station. Environment is pleasant and calm making it ideal enjoying a great health holiday with loved ones.

    May (Summer – Greeshma) – Pleasant

    May is the hottest month in the year. The temperate climate is ideal for health holiday activities.

    June (Summer – Greeshma) – Pleasant
    June offers intermittent rains. The atmosphere is humid but pleasant.

    July – (Monsoon Onset – Varsha) – Intermittent Showers

    Moderately Cold Monsoon. Showers bring down the temperature.

    August (Rains – Varsha) – Moderately Cold

    Moderately Cold August is good for exploring the natural attractions in the region. The nature looks fresh and beautiful after the rainfalls.

    September (Autumn – Sharad) – Moderately Cold

    Pleasant September offers an ideal time for exploring the hill station attractions. The climate is pleasing, so it would be a good idea to plan or book tour packages for Almora in this month. Enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities.

    October – (Autumn – Sharad) – Moderately Cold

    Pleasant October offers pleasing climate. It is good time for exploring the scenic hill station of Almora. Sightseeing and outdoor activities can be very enjoyable.

    November – (Winter – Hemant) – Moderately Cold

    Moderately Cold November is cool, but good for vacation travels and stays in Almora. It is also a suitable time for sightseeing and indulging in adventure activities.

    December – (Winter – Shishir) Very Cold

    Very Cold December offers cool winter days. This month is not ideal for exploring the outdoors.
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