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    Stroke Rehabilitation

    A stroke is when there is no blood supply to a part of the brain and the brain cannot get blood and oxygen. If blood flow is stopped for longer than a few seconds, brain cells can die, causing permanent damage. Stroke paralysis happens after someone has had a stroke.In Ayurveda, stroke paralysis is considered as Pakshavadha (paralysis of one side of the body).

    At AyurVAID Kalmatia, an optimized treatment plan is formed by our senior physicians considering the stage of the paralysis, and for how long the patient has had this condition as well as their strength. If the paralysis is of a recent onset, then medication such as DhanwantramKashayam etc. is prescribed along with some mild treatments like Abhyanga (Application of medicated oil on the body), or Kaya Seka (pouring of warm medicated oil on the body).

    A patient who has had paralysis due to a stroke for longer than one year requires more extensive treatment. This is because half of the body has been inactive for so long that the muscles start to waste away (no longer have strength to function). Hence the treatment plan usually has five stages

    1. Medication to prepare the body for internal as well as external Snehana (Oleation)
    2. Snehana internally with some medicated oils or ghee + external oleation. (For 3 – 7 days)
    3. Swedana (Fomentation – causing sweating) with steam bath etc.
    4. Virechana (Purgation) with a medicinal powder or castor oil.
    5. Medication to regain strength of muscles as well as overall immunity

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    Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person