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    Kriya Sala (The Treatment Centre)

    The Kriya Sala at AyurVAID Kalmatia, a treatment cupola with the biggest Solarium of the World is a complete, all encompassing therapeutic restorative facility. The only one of its kind among healing and curative destinations nestled midst big ticket mountain ranges.

    The Kriya Sala which facilitates Ayurveda care for the body, mind and soul is a gateway to bliss and helps you get away from stress and pains as you rejuvenate, repair and relax. Spread through two blocks with separate wings for gentlemen and ladies, the Kriya Sala functions around the four treatment rooms enabled and equipped with all essentials for classical Ayurveda therapies, revitalization programs, and health holidaying.

    Each treatment room, with a valley view, in this unique healing cupola features traditional therapy tables ‘DharaPathis/Dronis’; Shirodhara (Head & Oil therapy) equipment with wick pot; Awagha tub; Steam Chambers; Steam Bathing area; Errhine Therapy and other therapeutic vessels and wares. Closed and open Yoga and Meditation areas assists you rejuvenate and re-connect. Many medicines using herbs and roots from the Ayurvana, and decoctions and oils are for personalized treatments are prepared at the Kriya Sala’s medicine room, to the guidelines stipulated in the ancient texts.

    In sync with the excellent therapeutic arrangements, the Kriya Sala offers you quality time at the Sun and Reclining Decks of the Solarium and peaceful escapes at shaded Decks brushing pristine and green treetop tapestry. The water buffs can enjoy the pool for a swim at the Himalayas; feel a Jacuzzi; or have a shower open to the skies the centuries old Deodar tree of Almora the only witness. The pantry and dining area completes lending the dimension of diet.

    For Personalised Healing Packages, email us at: kalmatia@ayurvaid.com


    Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person