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    History Of AyurVAID-Kalmatia

    This 14 acre idyllic slice of heaven on Earth in the Kumaon Himalayas was discovered nearly one hundred and fifty years ago in 1867 by a British Captain ES Jackson and he made it his own by building a house in the British colonial style. Toward the end of the century the ‘Estate’ changed hands when it was bought by Edward Thomas Chowdhry, the then District Commissioner of Kumaon.

    The estate was developed into a resort by the Commissioner’s granddaughter GeetaReeb and her German husband, with cottages built in British colonial style with Kumaoni influences. The cottages are constructed with a minute eye to comfort, elegance and taste and are all heated in winter with bukhari wood burning stoves. But, this resort in Almora was destined to change hands again and came to be owned by Nature photographers and Wildlife enthusiasts by Dr Arvind Lal and Dr VandanaLal.

    Today, the resort, with Uttarakhand postal address, sitting straddled over a lush hilltop and with wonderful mountain views stands evolved as “AyurVAID Kalmatia”, the finest Ayurveda Healing Destination in North India offering classical and comprehensive Ayurveda Health Holiday, Revitalization (health enhancement through Panchakarma and other therapeutic processes) and Disease Reversal programs at a world class Kriya Sala (Therapy Centre) and the cottages have turned Kutiras. AyurVAID Kalmatia is managed by AyurVAID Hospitals, a division of the Kerala First Health Services Pvt. Ltd.

    For decades the area has attracted many famous artists, musicians, writers and spiritualists –Swami Vivekananda, Ma Anandamayi, Lama AnagarikaGovinda( the first westerner to be given the title of Lama) and his talented Parsee wife Li Gotami, authors Timothy Leary, Brewster and D.H.Lawrence, and the legendary Jim Corbett who also has a National Park named after him, to name but a few.

    This area is believed to have a ‘mystical’ quality akin to the Inca Mountains of Machu Picchu in Peru owing to similar composition in the atmosphere of the two regions.

    Come. Come to the Magical Healing Experience at AyurVAID Kalmatia.
    For Customized Packages, email us at: kalmatia@ayurvaid.com

    Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person