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    Samma Sambuddho: The Enlightened (earlier Eagles Nest)

    Samma Sambuddho refers to the Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) attaining Nirvana through ‘self-effort’. Samma Sambuddho means he who is fully enlightened because he has discovered (buddha) all things rightly (sammá) and by himself (sámaí).

    With an astonishingly majestic view of the Himalayas, SammaSambuddho helps your body, mind and soul come alive. SammaSambuddho is our largest and premium chalet with a spacious sitting room downstairs, a large master bedroom and bathroom upstairs, along with a raised platform bed. An extra bed can also be placed in the sitting room downstairs.

    (Approx. 72 steps* from the reception.)

    *Not recommended for guests with difficulty in walking.
    For Customized Packages, email us at: kalmatia@ayurvaid.com


    Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person